Monday, 22 December 2008


James Higham over here, puts up a pretty damn good manifesto of what is wrong and some tentative and modest (and therefore conservative) proposals [apart from the revolution bit which, well, isn't] on what we in the dextrosphere might do to fight back.

It does me good every now and then to see someone laying it all out, simply and elegantly, and in words and an order other than my own.

It's as good a general rant/what is to be done as I've seen in a long time.
Do please take a look, and not because I go off on one in the comments. You're never alone in the blogosphere, which is nice, because we're going to need numbers.

He also links to a European culture war site that gives the freedom-loving Right a continental, and indeed a transatlantic, reach. It addresses both the near enemy - the ones in the offices, the lecture halls and broadcast studios, and also the far enemy - the one with the guns and the swords and the Bomb.


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