Sunday, 30 November 2008

What we did right #1: Pride for a cold Sunday.

I’ve been gloomy over at Stan’s blog about the prospects for saving and strengthening the Christian underpinnings of our traditional freedoms and morals in a country where so few people, including me, are believing Christians.

In coming up with examples of good stuff our culture has achieved, I looked up the West Africa Squadron of the Royal Navy, I found out about The HMS Black Joke, which is mentioned in Wikipedia here.

Here’s one of the lines in that article:

Between November 1830 and March 1832, 11 out of 13 slavers taken by the squadron had been captured by Black Joke and Fair Rosamond.

That means thousands of lives saved from degradation and early death by our country’s military.

Do read the whole thing. Don’t let the Left tell you the British Empire was in any way like the Nazis. Makes Last Night of the Proms come to life a bit, too.

And in those days, the ‘Left’ approved of such military heroism and humanitarian warfare.
Now they can’t wait to hand the heirs to the birth of human civilisation in Mesopotamia back to the head-hackers and child-rapists of petrodollar Islam, and Afghanistan back to the girl-killers of the Taliban.

Oh, and there’s another link about this vessel and its work to an American site which revels in and promotes the good parts of our islands' culture. This is the real culture of which we should be utterly proud and most determined to preserve. Take a look if you like, as it’s easy to lose heart in the dung-storm of cultural relativism and multi-culti anti-Britishness we get from the government and its pals.

It’s cheering that; somebody out there likes us, and it’s not just for the accent. It's also a damn good tool in the culture war.


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