Friday, 28 November 2008

A small win, exactly one short lifetime too late.

Kill the Beeb, over at Biased BBC points this out and says: Hurray, one incompetent idiot down, 20,000 to go!

Consultant in Baby P case banned.

THE hospital consultant at the centre of the Baby P scandal has been banned from practising, the General Medical Council announced today.

In this upside-down Nu Labour Britain someone in authority at last has had enough gumption to at least consider the possibility of maybe checking sometime soon that one of the links in the chain that led to the death of Baby P might be worth looking at.

What if the rabid right-wing press had not generated such a fuss, with all its curtain-twitching Daily Mail reading vigilante censoriousness and cheered on by vindictive Tory bloggers? What if instead we had stayed silent and let these moderate-minded childcare professionals and theoreticians (with one noble exception, and a politician to boot!) sort it out? Then would Dr Sabah Al-Zayat still be in a position to ignore bruises on another child's 'body?

I'm not saying that other experts won't 'fully exonerate' her in the fullness of time, and that the official stocks of whitewash aren't being brought out as we wait, but who knows? Perhaps Doctor Sabah Al-Zayat's replacement might look under the chocolate on another child and find something interesting.

Maybe that child will live.

Perhaps we in the dextrosphere aren't all mere windbags grouching from home and never achieving anything. So let's keep blogging, as if lives depended on it. Home.

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