Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Dixon Heeds a Ho

The following are the words of a hostage.

My blog is gone now, deleted, slowly melting away post by post as it drops off the edge of the Google cache. The Police Dependants’ Trust is a few thousand pounds better off which may be the only good thing to have come out of this. My family life has changed in ways that they did not want and that is down to me. I deeply and bitterly regret the damage that will be done to the reputation of Lancashire Constabulary, that is also down to me. Next to that, my own career prospects are trivial.

Or at least they are the words of a wage earner in a household whose livelihood is being held hostage officialdom.

That’s the last post by Nightjack. Police blogger. Law enforcer. Detective. Thinker. Patriot. Hostage.

Nightjack was a great read and amongst the other luminaries of the coppersphere gave us mere family folk and property owners an insight into the lives and work of the men and women who strive to keep those families safe and that property secure. Sometimes they succeed and sometimes they fail and the Nickjack blog took us into their world and showed us just how difficult succeeding sometimes is because of the insane policies of government and politicized senior police officers alike.

He wrote about his colleagues’ and his own frustration at so often being prevented from doing the job they signed up for and that they wanted to do because the Job’s f*cked, or because the criminal justice system takes its name too literally…or because of the depredations and near legal immunity of The Evil Poor.

That last group – the lawless, conscienceless substantial minority of the underclass that I encounter at the paymaster end and whose spawn Winston Smith meets and tries to raise as human beings, was the one whose stories struck so close to the bone, which annoyed the liberal Left so much…and I suspect that gave the Times’ journalist and a judge part of the buzz to have Nightjack outed under his own name, and ended the blog with that last, sad ‘statement.’

It’s a career equivalent of a gunpoint confession and as far as I can tell he did no harm to the reputation of Lancashire Constabulary that simple reporting couldn’t and doesn’t do to this very day.

Somewhere however there is a bureaucrat in Lancashire Constabulary; someone filling a uniform who, I’d guess never gets his or her shoes wet in the rain or scratched on the broken glass (both typical features of Lancashire life), and who has been using up Lancashire Council Tax payers’ money on closing down the truth (a salary, pension contributions, vehicles, phone bills, clerical staff and other officers’ time) that might otherwise have been spent on actual law enforcement. A politicized, smiling, box-ticking little boss-class type who’s wasting resources that could have been used elsewhere, instead of being a political game-player draughting the untrue words with which Nightjack disappeared. In short, a political whore.

But who needs Nightjack or a whore to make Lancashire Constabulary’s look stupid these days?

Red-faced Blackburn police miss cannabis being looted

Photograph of the Author By Nafeesa Shan »

A MAN was left guarding what he believed to be bags of illegal drugs after police did not respond to his 999 call quickly enough.

Simon Carr said he could smell a strong scent of cannabis after returning from a shopping at Tesco on Sunday morning.

He had been dropping off his step-daughter at her home in Romney Walk when he said he smelt the cannabis.

Mr Carr, 33, traced the smell to five bin bags near a garage in Mulberry Walk and said they were filled with what he believed to be skunk, a strong form of cannabis.

As soon as he discovered the bags he contacted police.

He made the first call at 11.06am on Sunday but left the area after an hour over fears for his safety when word spread there were free drugs.

Police said officers arrived at the scene at 12.47pm as they had been diverted to other incidents.

Well, that’d be fair enough, I suppose, if those incidents were say: wife-beating or investigating rape allegations or common assault or dealing with chemical spillages, but how much serious criminal investigations gets done on Sunday mornings, I wonder? Still, I’m sure we’re all utterly confident that the other incidents were grave matters and dozens of stoned people emptying their fridges is on estate sounds a bit like a laugh. And who cares if many, many people got away with breaking the law? It’s not like such lawlessness makes lawbreaking that much easier the next time, or if it matters when the police look like a bunch of clowns.

The local community beat manager was contacted immediately but was committed to another incident.

Mr Carr, of Clarendon Road, said: “People were just grabbing armfuls of it.

"I tried to fob them off but I couldn’t hold them back.

“If I had known the police would taken that long I would have bagged them up and taken them to the police station myself.

Oh no you wouldn’t, pal. You know how tempting the easy arrest of a chap with five Osamas full of skunk would be?

“I was desperate to stop the kids but I couldn’t believe the police didn’t turn up.”

Blackburn Chief Insp Terry Woods said: “I agree with Mr Carr that Lancashire Constabulary did not respond to this incident quickly enough.

And we can all agree that the sky is blue and up in the air.

When it’s not raining, that is, or when we’ve not swerved the wheel to avoid a kid skater on skunk, or something.

“At the time of his call my officers were dealing with a large number of other incidents but we should have ensured that we got there quicker.

“This incident is being investigated with a view to lessons being learned.”

Hmm. How about something like:

Star Fleet General Order #1.01

Never, on any occasion, must Star Fleet officers allow civilians to report five bin liners full of illegal drugs and then let them be looted by passing life-forms.

Star Fleet General Order #1.02.

Uh, can we get some chocolate, or something?

Or perhaps our political police-whore was doing something much more important than keeping drugs off the streets….

Former BNP candidate charged over distribution of leaflets in Burnley

By Tom Moseley »

Ooh! It’s our suggestively-named pal Tom Moseley again.

A FORMER British National Party election candidate has been charged in connection with the distribution of leaflets which alleged Muslims were responsible for the heroin trade.

Anthony Bamber, 53, of Greenbank Street, Preston, Lancashire, is accused of incitement to commit religious hatred, police said.

The leaflet was distributed in Burnley and reportedly circulated in other parts of Lancashire, Cumbria and Yorkshire.

It urged people to “heap condemnation” on Muslims and said it was time to “apologise” over its claims they were responsible for 95 per cent of the world’s heroin trade.

One wonders what the truth is. Is it only 65%, or as much as 99%? Is this man peddling half-truths and distortions here?

A photograph of Rachel Whitear, 21, who was found dead at her flat in Exmouth, Devon, in May 2000, holding a syringe, accompanied the literature.

A Lancashire Police spokeswoman said: “Following advice from the Crown Prosecution Service a 53-year-old man from Preston has been charged in connection with an investigation into the distribution of leaflets in Lancashire which claim Muslims are responsible for the heroin trade.”

And if Preston had a large Colombian community which probably included a largish minority (like most of the rest of the Colombian communities in Britain) who though it was okay for Central and Southern Americans to kill all Christians everywhere whenever they could get away with it to the greater glory of Inti Raymi, would it be untrue and wrong to finger devotees of that pagan religion as controlling most of the cocaine trade?

Bamber, who stood for the BNP at local elections in Preston in 2006, will appear at Preston Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday.

Three other men, all from East Lancashire, arrested as part of the investigation were told by police last month they would not face charges over the matter.

Supporters of the BNP, including party leader Nick Griffin, demonstrated outside the police station in Burnley last November following the dawn raid arrests.

And what if he pointed out that Muslims are responsible (now that the Tamil Tigers appear to be toast) for, let’s see…100% of the world’s suicide bombings, would he be wrong?

I saw people in Leicester recently with a huge banner and leaflets proclaiming that the only way of life acceptable to God is Islam. So that’s most of you dear readers; drinkers and fornicators, free-thinkers and Christians and unmarried cohabitants; unfaithful to Islam and to Allah and you’re going to spend eternity on God’s waffle-iron. Given that Christians and African pagans are being killed by Muslims in the name of Islam in Africa and Christians and Jews and Buddhists and you name it Asia right now, and that these peoples’ ideological brothers are killing our troops whenever they can, I’d like to know if the ‘logic’ of Lancashire might be expected to apply to Leicestershire.

What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate.

Or rather, a political police arrest of people expressing opinions in leaflet forms which the State decided, arbitrarily and selectively, might cause some kind of harm. But since the BNP and its fellow-believers aren’t undertaking terrorist campaigns here or against our troops or allies or friendly governments anywhere, this isn’t like treating Sinn Fein ‘activists’ as the IRA treasurers and recruiters that they were or locking up British Union of Fascists members during the war. As far as I know, Bamber wasn’t shrieking at passers-by and yelling ‘Let’s kill the Pakis - they’re bringing in drugs and raping our women.’ That’d be definitely worth feeling his collar for – worse than shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre. But he was leafleting – an activity that even today is an important part of democratic debate. Important…and fast becoming illegal. I remember - I distinctly remember being born in a democracy in which you were allowed to put out opinions contrary to what the government beleived and the police didn't arrest you. I'm not quite sure how we got to that happy situation, but I seem to remember that Spitfires were involved..

What we’ve got here is a refusal by the politicised police to allow others to communicate their State-disapproved ideas.

Perhaps our police ‘ho gave the order, for his secret masters, the Gramscian Marxists who seem to own the public sector.

Now that Nighjack’s safely out of the way, he’ll need to earn his pay.


Goodnight Vienna said...

That's a great post NNW - but no-one's listening, only the people, and we don't count.

James Higham said...

How is it incitement to religious hatred to expose someone who's trying to appear innocent but isn't?

Doesn't compute in this brain. By the way - top pic.

JuliaM said...

Winston's posts (and yours on this subject) are like looking into hell.

Do these people have no self-esteem whatsoever? Did they have no dreams and aspirations as kids? Did they really just go with the flow, and into a life of being a pet of the State?

North Northwester said...

Julia, when I was a classroom assistant I saw them going wrong at five and six,and even more so at eight and nine. The parents [mothers!] just indulged each tantrum or food fad as if the right to scream or eat Monster Munch was in Magna Carta or something.

Nice kids - affectionate, curious about the world, sweet as honey when they come into reception - by the time it's ready to bus them off to secondary school you can spot the ones who'll be pregnant at 16, or thieving from cars, or getting a flat on the sick after a couple of years not too heavily busy with razorblades.

As bad with the Muslim kids; little brothers to elder Year One or Year two sisters fling their arms around their sibs for comfort in this strange school, chatter to them at playtime, join in games in the yard. By the time they're in Year Four they're swaggering about like conquerors and have not a soft word for little Ayesha if they acknowledge her at all.

These children start out just the same in nice suburbs as in Castle City's grimy rookeries - but the suburban kids have a 75%-ish chance of going somewhere decent when they leave, but that's a mighty sad 25% who don't.

Their 'homes' and their adult relatives' attitudes have squashed their gentleness flat, erased their inquisitiveness and deadened the hope about the world that you can see in all of them at Reception.

Man is born free but is everywhere in chains - the liberal credo.
These are liberal chains. The side of politics who argue that environment is all, the nurture-only fanatics - they sure don't pay any attention to their share of fouling the children's environment. It's all "bad housing" and "poverty" that ruins them - not bad or non-existent parenting and the promise of a flat and a baby by Sixth Form. The safety net's a cage.


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